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Structure = Leadership
The National network of CAI members is growing daily! There are more than 30,000 individuals and organizations that belong to CAI, all providing opportunities to network and exchange ideas and information. There are 60 chapters worldwide.

The Kentucky Chapter represents just over 130 members statewide. Many others with interest in community associations attend Chapter workshops and seminars.

Leadership development on a local, regional and national level is a direct result of CAI's success. Development and instruction is emphasized at orientation programs, Board Training, speaker training, the Annual Conference & Expo as well as within the Chapter.

Resources = Education
 Each member receives Common Ground, CAI National's award winning, bi-monthly magazine, which presents expert information and a national perspective on association topics and issues. 

The online Service Directory is a benefit used on a daily basis by many of our members. A complete listing of all members is accompanied by a preface of the chapter's mission and goals, pertinent Chapter and industry information.

A progressive communication tool, http://www.cai-ky.net/ is the Chapter's web site, which supplies industry related news, upcoming events, and jurisdictional legislative information. CAI National's web site, http://www.caionline.org/ also provides an opportunity to link up and communicate with other community association's pages and members nationwide. 

Federal, state, and local legislative incentives are driven by five National and Chapter legislative committees. Their activities are devoted to lobbying legal agendas in the community association forum in our area. Member involvement has been key in achieving legislative successes and is strongly encouraged. CAI Administers nationally recognized designation programs, which recognize those professionals in the community association industry who have met required levels of experience and education. 

Why CAI Membership Pays Words for Member Prospects

General Membership

  • CAI believes homeowner and condominium associations can and should exceed the expectations of their residents. We work with you to meet the evolving needs of your community and its residents. By being a trusted forum for the collaborative exchange of knowledge and information, we help you learn, excel and achieve. 
  • CAI gives you the education, knowledge and understanding to make you the expert-to give you the expertise and perspective you need to be an effective and respected leader. 
  • CAI provides the information, tools, resources and support you need to help you find creative solutions and achieve important goals-without burnout and without sacrificing other important personal and professional pursuits. 
  • CAI works with you to defend and support the community association concept-to ensure that association leaders can preserve the collective right of homeowners to sustain their communities and protect their property values. 
  • CAI can give you exactly what you need, whether you're a professional manager, board member or corporate executive. 
  • For community managers and corporate executives, CAI helps you earn and enhance your status as a respected, trusted and successful professional. 
  • For community association board members and other homeowner leaders, CAI helps you achieve the results you need and respect you deserve. 
  • For product and service providers, CAI provides a platform to build your reputation and grow your business

 What are you waiting for? 
Joining CAI is easy! Simply click the join now button below and create an account on the CAI National website and make sure to choose the appropriate membership type (Community Association Volunteer, individual Manager, or Service Provider)
Benefits of Membership

The value of a CAI membership continues to become invaluable. The level of services and expertise you receive is second to none! 

The Kentucky Chapter offers the following benefits to all members, whether you are an individual homeowner, a community manager, or a professional selling to and servicing the industry.